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VH Skates now come in Junior Sizes!
Custom Player Boot:  Senior $799
Custom Player Boot:   Junior $599 
Plus Holder and blades additional $100

Custom Goalie Skate Boot:  Senior $699
Custom Goalie Skate Boot:  Junior $549
Plus $140 for Cowlings
Color Option: $25.00  
Enhanced Impact Protection:  $40.00
Enhanced Metatarsal Tongue Guard:  $20.00
Custom Tongue Embroidery: $20.00


Perfection Makes A Difference 

ICON has proven to be the advantage many professional players trust. Precision control, uncompromised speed and agility are the compliments paid by the pros. Now you can skate with the same advantages of the professionals. 

Skate Sharpening 
Consistency is the key to good skate sharpening.  Accuracy in the squareness of the radius of the blade edges will produce equal bite angles, improving a skater's confidence in the blades, reducing body compensations.  We guarantee our sharpening to be square to less than .001 of an inch.  you will find that you will get the same consistent sharpening time after time!


Four Main Steps

1. Skate inspection
We inspect the skate for any damage to the blade, loose rivets, loose blades, damaged holders, or anything else that may inhibit the skater from properly performing on their skates. We will make recommendations based on the situations we may find. For figure skates only, we tighten all skate blade screws.

2. Stoning & cleaning the blade

3. Sharpening the blade
We will make sure that the blades are devoid of any significant nicks or rounded edges. This is a common occurrence that happens during the course of skating and can cause the skater to fall. We square the inside and outside edges so they are balanced to less than a thousandth of an inch in height. This is critical. The ICON process uses a special tool to accomplish this measurement. If the edge heights are not balanced the skater will feel that the skate slides on one edge and digs on the other reducing confidence and control.

4. Finishing the blade
 ICON developed a finishing process that leaves the skate blade extremely smooth yet sharp. The goal of this process is to reduce drag and increase speed.

Skate Profiling 

A good profile and proper depth of hollow radius allows skates to work with the skater not against them. ICON recommends that all hockey skate blades should be profiled once a year. The skater will feel more control, better balance and improved speed. Skate sharpening is included in the process.

Profiling has three main benefits.

1. The skater's center of gravity is aligned with the boot
Skate holders are not placed on each boot uniformedly. Consequently, the center of gravity of the skate is shifted based on the position of the blade as it sits in the holder. Having your center of gravity correctly balanced is a key ingredient for proper skating form. We make sure the center of gravity is aligned properly!

2. Blade heights are balanced
Balancing the heights of the blades insures that the skater is neutral to the ice. Not pitched on his/her heels. Being pitched on your heels forces the skater to add stress, fatigue to the body and limits the range of motion of the ankles. With balanced blades the skater is now more in control on the ice.

3. An appropriate radius is placed on the blade so as to maximize speed, agility and control
The ICON profiles are designed to maximize speed and agility based on weight. This gives the skater the optimal amount of blade on the ice with the proper radius. Improving control and speed.

1977 E Wattles Road, Suite D  Troy, MI 48085

Phone (248) 680-9955  Email: sales@skate-works.com

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