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The Finest Watches Since 1976

SkateWorks is the most technically advanced and critically acclaimed ice-skating specialty shop in Michigan, exclusively using the ICON process. What sets us apart is the attention to every detail of your skates.  We take pride in our trademark “Perfection Makes a Difference”.


Why do we set such a high standard for work? Because that is the measure we want our customers to experience. We want SkateWorks to be known and trusted to deliver this standard of quality each and every time a customer uses our services. 


SkateWorks has been known as the premiere skate services store in Michigan for more than 21 years! Each one of our staff are expert technicians with a decade or more of time in the field. You can be certain you will get the proper recommendation for any question or issue you may have. And most importantly, we are here to provide you with professional experience based suggestions so you can decide which choice is best for you. We will provide you with no cost solutions when the case arises. We believe in honesty and building trust with each and every customer. Try us out! You will quickly find that SkateWorks is all that I have stated.


Here are some of our standards we are proud of:


  1. KnowledgeWe take pride in answering your questions. We have extensive resources and the dedication to provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.

  2. Experience - Since 2000 we have been pushing the envelope on the topic of maximizing your skating experience. Servicing over 250,000 skates has fostered a wealth of knowledge, techniques and common-sense ingenuity that we rely on to provide you with the most cost effective and consistent service.

  3. Professional Service – You are the customer! We are extremely happy you have chosen us to assist you. We will do our best to make each experience be one you enjoy, and feel was of outstanding value!

  4. Consistency – Your skates will be treated in the same manner EVERY TIME you visit us. Our motto is consistency, consistency, consistency!

  5. Products – Outside of the box ideas, research, development, testing and customer feedback give us the edge in continually improving our products and services and adding new ones.


Earl Size - Owner and Founder, SkateWorks

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