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SkateWorks Icon Skate Sharpening System

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The topic of this blog post is player skate


What is player skate sharpening?

Player skate sharpening involves reshaping the skate

blade to improve performance.

SkateWorks uses our own proprietary ICON skate

sharpening process. Nowhere else can you have the

precision, accuracy and consistency the ICON Skate

sharpening process delivers. The ICON skate sharpening

process is the most detailed sharpening process available

today because Perfection Makes a Difference! TM


The correct sharpening will improve your player skating

experience. The skater will notice having better balance

and control of their skates.

SkateWorks’ Icon player sharpening system has these


Inspection: the player skate is inspected for these items:

  1. Check for nicks on the blades

  2. Check for loose blades in holder

  3. Broken blade

  4. Excess wear on blades

  5. Cracked blade holder

  6. Loose or missing screws (if appropriate)

  7. Loose rivets

  8. Cut laces

  9. Loose or missing eyelets

  10. Bent blades

  11. Toe cap loose

Upon inspection SkateWorks will information the skater

of the need for repair, replacement or other remedies to

correct the issue or issues.

  1. If necessary, we scrub excess rust off the blade.

  2. Tightening blade screws (if available)

  3. Stone the skate to reduce nicks and rolled edges

  4. Straightening blades (if possible)

  5. Sharpening the blade to customers request hollow

  6. Finishing each blade

The proper sharpening gives the skater the precise

accurate, balanced, finely honed edge on the ice,

improving speed, balance and control.

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