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SkateWorks - The ICON Skate Maintenance Kit

Maintaining your skate sharpening will extend the life of your sharpening. After inspection and you do not have an issue that need to be corrected, take the skate lube and spray the blade to be stoned. Take the skate stone provided with the kit, place it flat on the blade and slide it back and forth a few times. Turn the skate over and do the same to the opposite side of the blade. Next take the blade polish and place a bit of it onto the felt polishing pad provided in the kit. Slide the felt pad on the side of the blade moving it back and forth a few times. Turn the skate over and do the same procedure. Next turn the blade face up and run the felt pad up and down the blade edge a few times. Wipe all edges of the blade off. BE CAREFUL WIPING THE BLADE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRESS HARD. Go to the other skate and follow the same process and put them into your skate guards.

The Icon skate maintenance kit gives the skater the opportunity to extend the sharpenings and it have the same feel as you do with a SkateWorks skate sharpening. This adds confidence that your blades are well taken care of and allowing you to enjoy your next skate!

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